A Week By The Falls | Niagara Falls Adventure Diary

Hey Cupcakes! Long time no chat! Sorry I've been really MIA from my blog lately. I've started a new full time job with many new projects and have been taking a little health break. This blog has become to feel like a full time job, rather than a passion and I just wanted to find me in all of it, again--but that's a story that will be saved for another time.

As many of you may know from my Trip Planning blog post, Adam and I had a lovely vacation planned to Niagara Falls, Ontario, last week! We had a fabulous time and I couldn't wait to share it with all of you! I took a few photos and also put together a short Adventure Diary on YouTube which I also shared below!

We spent our first day just hanging out at our Hotel. We booked our stay at the Hampton Inn by the Falls with the King Whirlpool Couples Package. Most of the first day we spent in bed watching movies and just relaxing. We also did some driving around Niagara picking up some snacks, getting to know the area and grabbing a bite from Burger King for dinner. We also enjoyed a nice bubble bath in our  whirlpool tub with some Sparkling Rosé.

On our second day, we woke up super early (lol sorry Adam for my unusually early natural clock) and drove over to Clifton Hill where we did lots of exploring and sight seeing. We had a huge breakfast at iHop, took a ride on the Niagara Skywheel, adventured through Ripley's Believe It Or Not Odditorium, visited the Falls, enjoyed Cherry Sprite & Vanilla Coke at the Coca Cola Soda Bar, watched the creation of some handmade treats from the Hershey's Chocolate World Factory and took a stroll through Oakes Garden Theatre. We did this all before Noon--if that gives you an idea of how early I woke Adam up. After a well deserved four hour nap back in our hotel room, then headed back to Clifton Hill, where we enjoyed a lovely dinner at Rainforest Cafe, took a stroll through Queen Victoria Park, bought some French Macarons from The Fudge Factory, and took a drive to Niagara Square, where we watched TMNT at the Niagara Cineplex. We ended our evening with McDonalds ice cream and watched Criminal Minds on TV until we passed out for the night.

On our last day, we woke up fairly early, once again, to have breakfast at the Continental Breakfast provided by our hotel. We spent our whole morning napping and watching shows--go figure after the jam packed exploring from the previous day, huh? Nearing late afternoon, we took a trip back to Clifton Hill where we spent an hour at Casino Niagara where we used our free $50 casino credits provided to us through our hotel package. We won some money, then lost it all playing some more--lesson of the day: casinos are a vacuum that just suck all your money away. After finally giving up at the casino, we took a drive to A&W to pick up dinner, then headed back to the hotel. We enjoyed our dinner while watching more TV then decided to take take advantage of our tub, once last time, before our trip ended. We also ended up visiting the hotel sauna and pool area for a bit. On our final night, we ended up staying up extremely late eating snacks and watching movies on TV--probably my favourite part of the trip!

It was such an amazing trip, despite it still being kind of short and so close to home. We had so much fun spending time together and exploring. It's funny because we thought we'd hate each other by the end of the week--but I can't help but love Adam even more after spending a week with him. We haven't had much time to spend together this summer because we both have been working full time, but by the end, we both agreed that some time alone together was exactly what we needed. I am already overly excited for our next adventure!

On a side note: Five things I've learned about Niagara Falls
1) Stanley Ave. is your best friend in going anywhere
2) When booking a hotel, make sure it is actually somewhere close to travel spots or else you'll literally be driving all the time
3) Tourists don't read signs--especially if they say "Cars Have Right Of Way". Or they just don't care.. smh.
4) There's some TIF tax you pay on everything because it is a tourist area--which is super annoying
5) Driving in Niagara is really complicated and confusing--even with a GPS on


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