Beach Side Cottage | Fort Erie Adventure Diary

Happy Monday, Lovelies!

This weekend, I went on an amazing trip to Fort Erie, ON with my boyfriend and our group of friends to celebrate Adam, Emil and Anthony's birthdays. Even though it was a short staycation, we had an absolute blast bonding, hanging out, and going on adventures.

Our house was absolutely beautiful! The interior, the exterior, everything. It was the cutest little beach side house I've ever seen! We weren't on the water, but we were a 2 minute walk to Bernard Beach--which was nice. We never actually took a walk there, but the location, in general, was phenomenal. The house was beautifully decorated. Despite this being a cottage, it was decorated so modern and chic.

On the Friday night, after checking in, we all we took a drive to the closest town and did some grocery shopping. Then, we all hung out on the dining room table with our laptops and enjoyed a nice dinner Adam cooked us of Burgers and Fries. After dinner, we all got cozy in the living room as Adam, Emil and Anthony opened their birthday gifts. We, then, played Pokemon Monopoly until we got tired of the game and finished off the night playing League of Legends and Overwatch until people slowly started migrating to their rooms to sleep.

On Saturday, we all woke up pretty early and took a little drive to the nearest Tim Hortons to buy breakfast. Despite buying groceries, we realized we forgot to pick up any type of breakfast foods. We all ate breakfast together at the dinner table and proceeded to do homework and play video games until it was time for us to leave. Today, we had an Archery session booked at Barefoot Bushcraft. Originally, I booked a session for Adam and myself as a late birthday gift to Adam. We invited the rest of our friends to come, if they'd like, because we thought it may be something they would enjoy. It turns out, in the end, everyone had so much fun! We had more than enough time to all shoot at the targets, we enjoyed the outdoors, and we got to enjoy free dog petting with the most adorable husky dogs! Adam absolutely loved this part of his late birthday gift. He even got a kill-shot on the 15 meter deer.

After Archery, we drove down to Walmart, attempting to buy more food for dinner. In the end, we just bought snacks, and ended up at either McDonalds or Subway for dinner. We spent the evenings just hanging out and bonding in the living room and kitchen. The guys played video games on the dining room table while the ladies sat on the couch watching vlogs on the TV and bonding over stories. We also ended up watching the League of Legends Championship Series finals to watch SKT T1 win for the third time. We were all kind of hoping to pull an all nighter, but once 1am hit, we all slowly ended up migrating to our bedrooms.

On Sunday morning, we had to check out so we all woke up relatively early to clean up, pack, and hit the road. We spent a good amount of time taking group photos, as well!

Once we check out, we drove down to Crystal Beach to take some photos as well. It was completely empty because it is the middle of Fall, so we enjoyed all of the free space to check it out and take photos.

After taking photos at the beach, we took a drive to Niagara Falls to have breakfast and be a tourist. We enjoyed an amazing breakfast at iHop. We were all super full and happy once we got to eat. We headed down towards the falls for a little bit, then ended up at the arcade to play some games. Adam and I collected 774 tickets and he exchanged the tickets for a cute little baby penguin we named Pheobe. After grabbing drinks from Tim Hortons, we hit the road and headed home.

This has been such an amazing trip! We had so much fun celebrating current friendships, building on new friendships, and forming our little family. We all can easily agree that we have all become so close to where we consider each other family. It was such an amazing weekend spending time with such amazing people. I am so grateful to have them all in my life. I'm super excited for the future adventures we all have together!


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